Packing / Unpacking

Our staff are fully trained to provide specialist packing and loading expertise. We only use strong, reliable packing boxes plus only the best industry methods and packing materials.

Fragile packing

Glassware, ceramics and Chinaware are all given special consideration.
We use a combination of soft tissue and bubble wrap with Crystal Glassware given an additional first layer of Acid Free tissue to ensure that they have total protection.

Books packing

Books are packed in the smaller “book boxes” and laid flat where possible to avoid damage to the spines. Valuable books can have the Premier Treatment of first layer of soft paper followed by bubble wrap.

Wardrobe / Hanging boxes

We will supply hanging boxes upon request.
These ensure that dresses, suits and shirts etc are transported safely and cleanly and arrive at your destination crease free and in perfect condition.

Packing Supplies

We provide strong, reliable packing boxes and all the essential packing materials to use when moving house or business.

Unpacking service

We can unpack all of your boxes and lay the contents onto a flat surface area and then clear all the materials / debris and boxes leaving you to inspect the items and decide which cupboard / shelf that they will be placed within your property.