To reserve available parking space for us is your responsibility. We need approx. 7 meters (2-3 car spaces) parking adjacent to the house for loading / unloading. You can apply at your local Council for parking permission or block the parking space with your car / bins. Notify neighbours, cut trees etc.

Waiting time:

Most of the time our removals go very smoothly, however we sometimes have to wait for keys or for the previous occupants to finish moving out your new property… Our drivers and porters are paid on an hourly rate and removal quotes are based on the time it takes to do the actual job. They still have to be paid while waiting for the keys etc.
We do not charge for the first 2 hours of waiting.
Each hour thereafter will occur a £50 per hour extra charge unless you have chosen our gold package.

Packing service by Us:

Put your personal belongings (house keys, car key, purse, shoes, kids’ clothes, school bags, kettle, mugs, tea, coffee etc. separately. Also make a “survival kit” on the top of the beds so we won’t touch. (towels, tooth brushes, clothes, hair dresser, phone charger, etc.) These items will be pack on the following day.

Packing by customer:

In order to keep your goods safe during the removal please make sure all loose items are packed into boxes and the boxes are sealed with tape. Label boxes as per as where to go in the new house (kitchen, living room, bedroom 1/2/3, garage, shed etc).

We cannot stack open boxes in the removal van with various items overflowing. Lamp shades, all loose and delicate items must be packed or protected in boxes.
It is impossible to pack a removal van with open boxes and breakable items that have not been protected. We do cover delicate furniture with blankets and tie back all large movable items.
Our insurance will not pay out for claims involving any of the above.
Please do not put too many heavy items (books, plates, records, canned food etc.) into large box that cannot be physically lifted! Better to use a few smaller boxes. Large boxes are for clothes, bedding, quilts and light goods.

Full Terms and Conditions are on our website.